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Writing tips for garage, yard, rummage, flea market or estate sale ads!

  • Remember - the ad copy and photos are ALL the online bidder has to work with. Make your ad copy count.

  • Be descriptive using keywords to list all possible items of your sale.

  • Note directions and/or landmarks in a seperate section of your sale description. Best to link to an online map. Some people will need them.

  • If you're having a multi-family, church or block sale be sure to note it at the beginning of the ad.


Meaning Abbreviation
2 Wheel Drive 2WD
4 Wheel Drive 4WD
Accounting Acctg.
Adjustable Prime Rate APR
Advertising Adv.
afternoon p.m.
air conditioning a/c
All Wheel Drive A WD
Anti-Lock Brakes ABS
apartment apt.
appointment appt.
approximately approx.
As Soon As Possible ASAP
assistant asst.

Meaning Abbreviation
Attorney Atty.
automatic auto
available avail.
average avg.
basement bsmt.
bedroom bdrm.
before noon a.m.
building bldg.
Carburetor Carb
cassette cass.
Chevrolet Chevy
condition cond.
Condominium condo
Corporation Corp.
Meaning Abbreviation
cubic foot cu. ft.
cylinder cyl.
department dept.
deposit dep.
Equal Opportunity
equipment equip.
estimate est.
Et cetera etc.
evenings eves.
excellent excell.
experience exper.
Extended Cab Ext. Cab.
extension ext.
Four Wheel Drive 4x4

Meaning Abbreviation
full time F/T
furnished furn.
guarantee guar.
General Electric GE
hard drive HD
Hill Air Force Base HAFB
highway hwy.
horsepower HP
hour hr.
Human Resource(s) HR
Inboard/Outboard I/O
Incorporated Inc.
information info.
Meaning Abbreviation
Internal Revenue
international int'l
Limited Ltd.
maintenance maint.
Management Mgmt.
Manufacturing Mfg.
Marketing Mktg.
maximum max.
message msg.
miles,mileage mi.
miles per gallon mpg
minimum min.
miscellanous misc.

Meaning Abbreviation
month mo.
mountain mtn.
National Nat'l
number no., #
Oldsmobile Olds.
On Approved Credit OAC
Ounce oz.
Overdrive O/D
package pkg.
Part time P/T
pickup P/U
plus +
Post Office P.O.
power brakes pb
Meaning Abbreviation
power locks pl
power steering ps
power windows pw
Public Relations PR
Railroad R.R.
recreational vehicle RV
repossession repo.
Revolutions Per Minute RPM
Self Addressed
Stamped Envelope
Shipping & Handling S/H
square foot sq. ft.
thousands k
transmission trans.
utilities util's.
Meaning Abbreviation
Volkswagen VW
washer/dryer W/D
Words Per Minute WPM

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